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SAT PREP CLASS: The Henry Foundation SAT class is full. Thank-you to all involved for keeping this class going. We will be offering this class again, perhaps in the Winter or Spring or both, if the demand is there. Seniors, if you have not taken the SAT, sign up for the Nov. 3 test online so the results can be part of your application to college.   Mr. Knapik

HOMECOMING DANCE TICKETS: Homecoming Dance Tickets go on sale Wednesday September 19th. Tickets start at $3 with ASB/ $5 without (for the first two weeks and increase to $5/$7 (without ASB) Monday October 1st and $7/$9 (without ASB) starting October 8th. Last day to purchase will be Wednesday October 10th. Dance is Saturday 10/13 from 7-10 pm in the quad!   Mrs. Flores

PSAT/NMSQT: PSAT/NMSQT Test - October 10th: All 10th graders will take the PSAT on Wednesday, October 10th. The test will be free for all 10th graders and an excellent warm-up for the SAT the following year. 11th graders may pay for the exam if they elect to take it. The cost is $20 and may be purchased at the Finance Office from 9/10/2017 through 9/22/2017. Exams for 11th graders are limited and sales must end on 9/22 for planning purposes so purchase yours early.   Mr. Miller

YEARBOOKS ON SALE NOW!: Prices: Aug. 22-Nov 1st: $80 with ASB card, $85 without ASB card / Nov 2nd- Dec 1st: $85 with ASB card, $90 without ASB card / Dec 2nd- Feb 15: $90 with ASB card, $95 without ASB card   Ms. Pineda, Finance


NEW COLLEGE REP VISITS ADDED: The following representatives have been added to the College Rep Visit list! Please sign up in the counseling office if interested! Please don`t forget- A pink slip must be presented at the time of the visit with your teacher`s signature! These can be picked up in the Counseling Office as well. CETYS Universidad September 24th 10:45AM Counseling Office Loyola University Maryland September 25th 10:30AM Counseling Office Hawaii Pacific October 15th 1:00PM Counseling Office Claremont McKenna College October 17th 9:00AM Counseling Office Northeastern University October 22nd 9:00AM Counseling Office Pomona College October 26th 12:30PM Counseling Office   Ms. Sara

AES SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE IS APPROACHING: The deadline for the 13th annual AES Scholarship is October 6, 2018. To apply, either visit their website at http://www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm or come by the counseling office to pick up an application.   Ms. Sara

UPDATED 9/10- COLLEGE REPS COMING TO HENRY!: Attention Seniors! College representatives from various colleges, universities and institutions are coming to Patrick Henry High School to talk to you about your future! If you would like to visit with one of the following reps, please stop in counseling to sign up. Remember, you must have a pink half sheet of paper (in counseling) and your teacher`s signature excusing you from the period you`ll be missing to meet with the rep. ***All visits are in the Counseling Office unless otherwise notated!*** Azusa Pacific September 12th 9:00AM Northern Arizona University September 14th 12:30PM Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 19th 8:40AM Bentley University September 19th 1:00PM Western New England University September 20th 9:00AM Lafayette College September 25th 10:00AM Wentworth Institute of Technology September 25th 12:30PM Hampshire College September 27th 9:00AM Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute September 27th 1:00PM University of Illinois-Chicago October 1st 9:00AM Bryant University October 2nd 8:40AM Humboldt State University October 3rd 8:00AM University of Southern California October 3rd 10:45AM Yale October 3rd 1:00PM University of La Verne October 4th 9:00AM University of Puget Sound October 4th 1:30PM San Francisco State University October 5th 10:00AM Penn State University Park October 8th 1:00PM Syracuse University October 10th 12:30PM Whittier College October 15th 9:00AM Hawaii Pacific October 15th 1:00PM Oregon State October 17th 10:30AM University of East London October 17th 1:30PM Chapman University October 18th 9:00AM Merrimack University October 18th 10:00AM Concordia University- Irvine October 18th 11:00AM Boston University October 18th 1:45PM Carnegie Mellon October 19th 10:00AM FIDM October 19th 11:00AM Ringling College of Art and Design October 19th 1:30PM Ohio Wesleyan University October 23rd 12:30PM University of San Francisco October 24th 10:00AM Brown University October 24th 12:30PM University of Redlands October 25th 8:35AM University of Oregon October 25th 11:00AM University of California Santa Barbara October 25th 12:30PM University of Colorado- Boulder October 25th 1:30PM University of Saint Katherine October 26th 11:00AM Washington College October 29th 1:00PM Washington State November 6th 10:00AM   Ms. Sara


ASB INFO COMING SOON!: Coming Soon, ASB events and info will be added via calendar on the ASB, Clubs & Organizations page!   Mrs. Flores

ASB ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. ASB Club Fair will be Friday September 7th – in the quad. We will not host in the 300/400 wing again this year because of space constraints and easy access for students as well as ease of set up. If you are interested in being a club advisor, please complete a club application packet (or have an eager student complete all but signatures for you!) and have it to me this week preferably. In order to have a table at the club fair, we need to approve the club at our Tuesday formal meeting during 4th period. 2. New Club Meeting – Wednesday August 29th (lunch in room 302). Students that are interested in starting a club can come get application packets and hear particulars… we will go over the same type of info that I discussed during the club advisor meeting. 3. Freshman ASB Election Packets – Available on Tuesday September 4th lunch in room 302. We will have an information meeting for 9th graders interested in running for the following positions – President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer (combined position/1 officer). Please encourage the freshman in your classes that have the potential to be leaders here on campus to pick up a form on the 4th! 4. Homecoming Game & Dance are earlier this year (October 12th/October 13th). Details about spirit week to come soon! If you are interested in chaperoning for Homecoming please let me know! We always have a large crowd (last year over 1100 students!) so we need lots of chaperones. 5. ASB announcements – Typically in the past, ASB students would give announcements approximately every 6 weeks (average) to a designated 4th period classroom. However, we have an awesome means of getting info to your classes every other week (Patriot Broadcast!!). Your fourth period class will still have a designated ASB representative for when we do canned food drives, Pennies for Patients, and other school wide events. However, more frequently ASB representatives will give these announcements via the Patriot Broadcast, so please be sure to tune in once these begin. Mrs. Flores ASB Advisor   Autumn Flores

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